Graphic Design

I deliver EXCLUSIVE graphic design solutions and eye catching advertising and brand identity for your business. I am ready to develop any of YOUR IDEAS into printable products. This portfolio shows a small snapshot of my work. Due to my PROFESSIONAL experience, I have developed the ability to respond to your business needs through my design, both on theoretical and practical level. I always work with attention to detail and within deadlines.

WordPress Customization

What I offer is BEYOND WordPress customization and site maintenance. I will take your WEB SITE and business to the next LEVEL. I do not only help with your WordPress website, but I am also your PARTNER in success. Make it more profitable and increase the revenue of your company. Business design and valuable advises.  Let’s create your SUCCESS story today!

Your Branding

I provide a wide range of BRAND DESIGN services, not limited to the ones listed on the website. I have successfully transformed these BRAND & DESIGN skills into digital media like icons, emojis and stickers. My artistic work follows and invent NEW graphical trends. In an age of pixel-perfect digital precision, the AUTHENTICITY behind brands and projects is often lost. I’m passionate about bringing into the digital world PRODUCTS that represent real brands intended to reach real people. Don’t think about how many hours or how much will cost your logo or branding, think about what you can achieve and how much valuable will be.

UX/UI Design

Clear understanding of business goals, USER behaviour and costumers NEEDS. Vision ranging from psychology to design and technology. Conducting user research to developing wireframes, prototyping and testing. Collaboration with designers and developers. Creative way for soling UX/UI problems. Implementing UI design.