Accuv desktop to mobile tracking

Accuv is platform for managing technology deployment from desktop to mobile site tracking. Fully integrated solution for organizing and managing projects such as:

  • Scope management, Supply Chain Management, Deliverable Management, Field Service Operations, Closeout Management, User Management, Work Order Management, Purchase Order Management, Warehouse, Inventory and Material Management, Advanced Analytic  many more

Confident platform that give you real time view of the project from begging to end.


Project details and process:

  • React Native
  • Material UI
  • Market research, requirements (user persona, stakeholders interviews, software engineers, product managers)
  • Sketches (explore ideas, brainstorming, Adobe xD, Figma)
  • Wireframes (Map application structure, Adobe xD, Figma)
  • Mockups (Presentation, Adobe xD, Figma)
  • Design system (Adobe xD, Fignm)
  • Testing (A/B, Usability)
  • Technology stack and tools for implementation, front end (UI )and back end (API, database),
  • Quality assurance,
  • Deployment
  • Feedback
  • Monitoring and maintenance.
  • Documentation and Training


In the showcase is one small part of big project that been develop. Has been created more than 1000+ screens, scenarios, versions and testing prototypes. Some of the attributes are removed and replaced with Lorem Ipsum.
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